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The International Board of Faith-Based Counselors is an organization established to train Faith-Based counselors and teachers to assist local churches and fill the gaps traditionally left by secular therapists and counselors.  Our purpose is to bridge the gap between faith and psychology so that as the individual’s relationship with God and mankind is reconciled and grows, they begin to embrace the abundant life Christ spoke of while understanding the renewed mind concept Paul taught as a necessity. 

We believe that for the non-believing community to turn to the church for help, Believers need professional credentials to offer the best opportunity to share our faith and lead them to holistic health.

The main purpose of IBFC is to provide adequate training for Believers who feel the call of God to counsel.  We believe that counsel and sound judgment belong to the Holy Spirit according to Proverbs 8:14, and once trained, faith-based counselors are the best equipped to lead souls to reconciliation.   

The International Board of Faith-Based Counselors (IBFC), is a subsidiary of LegiSee Christian University, Inc.


PO Box 141452

Broken Arrow, OK 74014






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