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Faith-Based Counseling
that understands we are more than just spirit beings



Welcome to the International Board of Faith-Based Counselors!  We are a body of Believers committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and the holistic counsel of the Holy Spirit according to Proverbs 8:14.  We believe that both the Bible and psychology play major roles in the successful healing and motivation of the soul of mankind. 

We look forward to serving you as you serve others!  

How it Works
Dual Classroom Settings

Certification Classes are offered as both virtual and in-person at the same time so you can join however best fits your and your schedule!  

    *21 credit hours toward a Bachelor's          in Christian Counseling

Re-Certification Made Easy

Continued education courses are offered throughout the year and certified students are welcome to retake the certification course for a refresher and recertification credit. 

    *Specialization Tracks Coming Soon!

Counselor Database 

All active IBFC counselors are listed in our international database for those needing a qualified faith-based counselor!  FIND YOUR COUNSELOR

Qualified. Certified. Compassionate.


A. Williams - Tulsa, OK

"I just wanted to share a quick testimony and thank LCU, Dr. Marcus Howard, and Dr. Angela Howard. I recently completed the Christian Counseling Certification Course. The course delivery was phenomenal. The biblical and psychological principles that were taught were very relevant, and easy to incorporate into my medical practice.  As a Nurse Practitioner, it has made a tremendous difference in the way I approach patient care.  I feel I am now a more effective health care provider, and because I took this course, my patients will have improved mental AND physical health outcomes. Again, thank you!" 

Anita Williams, APRN, AGNP, WHNP

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